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Cookies is not they are viruses. Cookies is not they can identify in any way sensitive data such as name and surname, the work done, where you live or other personal data.

Cookies are important to make a site usable and to count visits. THE tracking cookies (“Profiling cookies”) keep records of searches and preferences that have been expressed through the browser to send targeted advertisements to users who have actually expressed an interest in a product or service.

Cookies management

No personal user data is acquired by the site in this regard. We do not use cookies to transmit information of a personal nature, nor do we use so-called persistent cookies of any kind, or systems for tracking users.
We remember that the user, through the configuration of his browser can at any time disable the operation of cookies.

With the exception of data collected automatically (navigation data), the provision of other information through prepared forms or e-mail is free and spontaneous and failure to send can only result in failure to satisfy any requests.

The data storage location is the server of the provider hosting the site (https://foodshop.ercolanimontepulciano.it/), except for cookies that are stored on your computer.

The following are links to users that explain how to manage or disable cookies for the most popular Internet browsers:

To view which cookies are present in the pages visited there are various specific tools, such as:

  • Cookies Manager for Firefox
  • firebug for Firefox (instructions)
  • Cookie Audit Tool for Chrome
  • WebCookies, tool Online which provides the list of cookies present on the page indicated and for each one the type, duration and, when available, the link to information regarding the privacy of the cookie itself.

Furthermore the browsers allow to visualize the stored cookies and to manage them choosing among various modalities.

Each browser has its own procedures for this management, usually contained in the browser settings within the “Privacy” item. Below are the pages in which to find detailed information about it for the most used ones. If you use other browsers, please consult the specific guide for that browser.

Cookies used by Adobe Flash Player, which browsers are not always able to manage, can be an exception. To change the settings for these cookies you must visit This Page.

Disabling cookies

By changing the browser settings you can accept or reject cookies (all or only those of third parties, from all sites or only some of them at your choice) or decide to receive a warning message before accepting one from the sites visited.

It is possible to oppose the registration of cookies also using the unsubscribe platform of the IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) Europe.

Cancellation of cookies

The browsers allow the user to delete the cookies present, all or only some of his own choice. They can also be set to automatically delete them when the browser is closed.


The site uses Google Analytics ANONYMOUS: analytics cookies are considered technical if used only for optimization purposes and if the users’ IPs are kept anonymous. We inform the user that this site uses the free Google Analytics service. We remind you that the data is used only to have the data of the most visited pages, the number of visitors, the aggregated data of visits by operating system, by browseretc.

These parameters are stored in Google server which governs the Privacy according to these guidelines.


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